Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hacking DNA

Oddly enough, the face of Network and Data Security may be changing, and rather grotesquely. Because DNA works in much the same way as machine language, researches have been copying software hackers for methods of reverse engineering genetic code. Probably the most frightening aspect is that virus fabrication costs as little as $20,000 for a complete setup. The code for viruses can be found all over the internet, and run through a DNA synthesizer. Because of the basic nature of a virus, it is the equivalent of a script. It does not need to be compiled, and can even be self executing.

The synthesizer works by printing enzymes for the viral protein onto an organic media, much like a inkjet printer squirts ink onto a sheet of paper. Once the code is completed, the virus actually pulls together into a living organism.

Thanks to advancements in computing technology, and a little hacker know-how, there are high school programs popping up world wide which allow students to do just this.

This video shows a
conference on hacking biology.

I believe that a field of information and data security in the future will include bioinformatics.

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