Monday, March 17, 2008

IFRAME Attacks

A week ago, hackers began a scam to redirect people from hundreds of thousands of sites, to malware infected sites. These attacks began one week ago, and continue, expanding at a steady pace. The hackers are utilizing IFRAME injections, and have so far infected 401,000 pages. Experts believe that this is a staging point for a massive, widespread pharming attack. However, the attacks seem to be originating from the Russian Business Network. (source)

This is a perfect example of why Eastern Bloc countries are so dangerous. With most of the worlds malware and illegal sites being hosted in countries that are out of the reach of US and NATO law enforcement organizations, there is little we can do aside from blocking all web traffic that originates in that side of the world, and place a full scale embargo on them to make US credit card and bank numbers far less appealing.

Also, these unified attacks match the description of an act of war to the letter. It weakens our country's infrastructure, endangers the wellbeing of US citizens at home and abroad, and undermines US Military intelligence. I would not be surprised if these actions cause a full scale war in the future.

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